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Boyce Suite Company Ltd.: Varsity Strategic Management Ltd.
Legal & Financial

Varsity Strategic Management Ltd.

VSM seeks out the best services and products available and will be hold them accountable to the most important people - our clients.

Boyce Suite Company Ltd.: Auro Fitness Centre
Health & Medicine

Auro Fitness Centre

Auro Fitness Centre provides a holistic approach to gym usage through the provision of family services, massage and rehabilitation services.

Boyce Suite Company Ltd.: Resolution Life Assurance Company Ltd.
Legal & Financial

Resolution Life Assurance Company Ltd.

Resolution Life, is a Barbados registered insurer, regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC).

Boyce Suite Company Ltd.: Oran Limited
Manufacturing, Wholesale, Distribution

Oran Limited

Oran Limited has been in operation for over 50 years and still continues to provide productions and services at the highest quality.

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