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Boyce Suite Company Ltd.: Ezee Hire
Business Support & Supplies

Ezee Hire

Ezee Hire is an online portal which allows job seekers to find jobs and provides a way for employers to easily find individuals to fill their job vacancies.

Boyce Suite Company Ltd.: Barbados Judicial System
Legal & Financial

Barbados Judicial System

The Barbados Judicial System encompasses a three-level domestic court structure consisting The Court of Appeal, The High Court, and The Magistrate's Court.

Boyce Suite Company Ltd.: National Petroleum Corporation (NPC)
Manufacturing, Wholesale, Distribution

National Petroleum Corporation (NPC)

The National Petroleum Corporation (NPC) distrbutes natural gas supply for domestic, commercial and industrial use in Barbados.

Boyce Suite Company Ltd.: Stand Up Paddle School Barbados

Stand Up Paddle School Barbados

Stand Up Paddle School Barbados is the stand up paddle school for DreadorDead and offers a number of surfing packages in Barbados.

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